Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hold the Gold

Silver and Gold prices have been through the roof over the past year and It is possible that another drop is soon going to be taking place in the market in a matter of days due to CME lowering their margin calls. The truth is that it is not really a time to gamble and sell your physical now in the hopes that maybe you can buy at a lower price and then maybe double or triple your physical holdings when the price does fall. These prices are manipulated day to day and I do not believe accurately reflect the true value of these metals. I believe that the true value lies some where in the 4000 dollar mark for gold and silver to be easily around 250 or so. In other words I do believe that within the next year or so we will see these prices. Take the advice of Pastor Dowell among countless others from YouTube who have been calling gold and silver for years. A crash in the market is just a great oppurtunity to further invest in what will be the best hedge against the inevitable dollar collapse that awaits us. Maybe you can take a gamble and sale your gold and silver but why do that when the truth is nothing in our policy, political system, or even economical situation has truley improved. Selling your physical assets now may mean that in actuality you do not ever get a chance to get them back at a cheaper prices if it just so happens that the market does not drop out from under these metals at all. In fact they may very well spike instantly upon slowly decending, leaving thousands of people who sold their metals, left out of the Gold and Silver bubble that will eventually expand much faster. The gold and silver community does not recommend taking such a chance. Any gold or silver you have in your pocket is worth far more than anyone is going to be willing to pay for it at this moment. On the flip side you can buy gold and silver at a huge discount no matter what your paying for it at recent prices because truthfully it is way undervalued. Act Wisely.

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