Saturday, December 31, 2011


Occupy is the place to be for all occupy information.  Check it out and support the 99%.  Protesters are setting up to occupy the Iowa caucuses this January to remind people that our representatives have been bought and paid for by the 1%.  We need representation and our best interests in washington or a new system completely all together.  There is no doubt that votes on certain bills and laws have been manipulated by wallstreet insiders and bankers and big business across the nation.  The state of the economy and standard of living for people all across America have been affected by this.  The mainstream media is not the place to get informed on the issues.  Underground news sources are becoming increasingly viewed and respected and are becoming a threat to the powers that be.  The internet itself is under attack with new laws being planned for censorship purposes under the guise of piracy protection.  If you care about your country you will do what you can to inform yourself and others about what is really going on in the world.  Do not allow the agenda of a few dictate the lives of many.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong-il Dead at 69

Kim Jong-il  has died at the age of 69 from a heart attack while riding on a train.  The North Korean communist leader will be replaced by his 27 year old son Kim Jong Eun.  Many experts say that there is a danger of instability in the power exchange as the new young leader has not been fully groomed for his new position.  Korea is a society which respects Confucian ideas of seniority based power.  It does not help that the new leader is so young.  North Korea has reportedly test fired short range missiles off its east coast this morning.  It is believed that this testing was just for improving missiles functioning and had nothing to do with the recent death of their former leader. Kim Jong Eun will be the third generation leader of the Kim Jong family to take over Korea since it's founding.  This family is the only family to hold power in this region since it's formation.  North Korea has quite a history of nuclear weapon development.  In 2006 and 2009 it tested nuclear bombs successfully and have made attempts at uranium enrichment for nuclear weapons.  Sanctions by the UN have slowed down the programs progress in recent years as well as hurt the country's economy.  Candidates for the 2012 elections have already begun their rhetoric on the topic as well.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Is Iran a few months away from a having a nuclear weapon?

Last night's republican debate was filled with questions about Iran and possible US military action that may be taken against them.  There was debate on whether or not they are close to having a "nuke" or whether or not it's our duty to make sure that they don't have one.   Representative Michele Bachmann had a strong debate in that she appeared stronger and took aim at other candidates and challenged them on their controversial positions.  One part of the debate included her telling Ron Paul that he was being completely irresponsible for saying that we have no business promoting war with Iran and that they are not close to having a nuclear weapon.  She stated that an IAEA report came out recently that stated that they are months away from producing a military weapon.  Ron Paul became visibly frustrated and stated that there was no such report and that she had been mislead by the report. The actual report summarizes that they believe there is credible evidence to support that Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of nuclear weapons.  No where in the report does it state that Iran is months away from developing one of these weapons.  Bachmann was either mislead by the report or was purposely trying to mislead the public and take a typical republican stance on National Security within the last several years.  Ron Paul continually states that he fears we are replaying a scenario like we did when we invaded Iraq.  Jumping the gun in fear that something might happen has proven to be a huge mistake.  He also claims that the fact is, it is the United States constant occupation of other countries that has angered the radicals and caused retaliation.  This does not sit well with many republicans who have completely grasped the idea of radical muslims are solely in existence to kill american's.  Ron Paul states that if the reason that radical's attack us is because of our freedom and prosper then why do they not attack Sweden or Switzerland?  The Iowa polls are very soon and time will tell where the republican party stands on these issues.  I believe the overall feeling of Americans is that the war on Iraq was a mistake and are going to be less likely to jump into a war with Iran without much more solid evidence that we need to do so.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gingrich on top, suprising Ron Paul gaining ground

Fox News tonight airs yet another republican national debate.  The time for the first caucus in Iowa is near approaching.  Will Newt crumble as he has a tendency to do, or will he remain the top candidate to take on Barack Obama in the 2012 elections this coming November.  Ron Paul has solidified a second place tie in recent poles  with former front runner Mitt Romney.  Paul seems to be the only candidate who has consistently risen his numbers since the beginning of the race.  He states that Newt Gingrich is the 'flavor of the week" for the republican party and also states that he could not support any other republican in this race that is currently running for president because he doesn't actually see there views all that differently from what democrats are trying to do when it comes to the issues that really matter.  More military, more government growth as a whole,  and no way to pay for any of this as they are consistantly lowering taxes.   Fox tonight at 9pm eastern time will mark the last debate before the Iowa caucus.  I'm sure it will be filled with gaffe's from an interesting cast although Herman Cain is out of the race there's plenty of room for blunders from the remaining candidates.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Paul vs. Newt

Gingrich is for the Patriot Act and Ron Paul as excepted is completely against it.  Now that Herman Cain has completely washed out of the campaign marking the 3rd front runner to be short lived and full of more hype than substance.  The absence of Cain has left Newt Gingrich surging to the lead in the poles while Paul steadily as he has done since the early days of the campaign creeping towards the top.  Paul has stated that Newt is the new flavor of the week and it is obvious that Newt believes he has a good shot at the nomination.  He has been in the political arena for quite sometime and knows how to play the game, although he does have quite a bit of bad past and history to overcome at the moment he is succeeding probably his own expectations.

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