Sunday, October 23, 2011

Prepping.....Is there really gonna be a collapse...

    There are many people in every part of america who are part of a almost secret community known as Preppers..  These people truly believe that there will be, in the near future,  a major change in our country. They believe that basic necessities will become scares or nearly unaffordable due to hyperinflation or total collapse of the financial system, causing an almost complete hault to business as we know it. Could something like this really  happen?  Well for one thing, similar events have occurred in the past.  One must wonder two things.  Why can't it happen now?  How can it hurt to prepare even if it does not happen?  Prepping consist of acquiring basic necessities at a time when they are readily available.  Things like water, food you can store, tools, hygiene products, guns and ammo.  All very useful things that have shown a trend of rising in price anyway so getting things like this in large quantities now, that you will eventually use anyway, can't be a bad thing.
   There are numerous youtube bloggers that provide step by step information on how to store food, what to buy, what to expect if such an event would occur.  Most importantly why it will indeed occur.   This is something that alarms me.  I feel like if something like this were in fact manifesting under the surface in our country.  The masses are not prepared for it.  In fact they are not even paying attention. The truth is... when you look at the economic situation we face and truly do the math, things just don't add up.  I don't see a resolution being made in this time of major political divide.  Corporations have infiltrated our government and no one can doubt that.  Free Market Capitalism is not being practiced when rules are being broken for some and not for others.  Our system seems to be operating under the mask of Capitilism when in fact it is nothing of the sort.   Only time will tell, but time may be running short.  What do you think about this growing phenomenon of people coming forward to warn the masses?  Is it just another attempt by some to make a living? Or is there some real weight to this issue.  All I know for a fact is that if we go through something like we did during the Great Depression in this day in time, there will be alot more pain and suffering due to the instant gratification society that we have built. People are not ready for something like this.

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