Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Occupy UC Davis protest is preparing for a march on the school's campus on November 21st at 12 p.m. PST.  The rally in the quad comes after worldwide attention focused on the Northern California campus after a University of California at Davis police officer pepper-sprayed a line of passive students sitting on the ground.  Two officers have been placed on suspension, and the students have called for the resignation of the Chancellor of UC , Linda Katehi .  Katehi has put out a statement stating that there were no other options.   The students of UC Davis strongly disagree with this and UC has become the center of attention for the Occupy Movement at the moment.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eviction for Oakland Occupy

    According to the Associated Press, Oakland police have issued another eviction notice to the protesters to remove all tents and other belongings from their campsite by a non specified date.  This comes after a man was shot and killed by another man last week.  The men were reportedly arguing yet there has been no connection made with the man who died and the protesters but it did happen in the area.  This notice is the same one given to the protesters shortly before the October 25th raid and riot where police used tear gas on protesters and arrested several.  They were allowed back to the gathering site the following day and the camp has grown considerably since then.  Protesters are stating that the city is using the Occupy Movement as a scapegoat for any violence or any wrong doing in the area as a way to justify blocking their right to protest.  This is most likely the set up for yet another police vs protester scenario coming in the days ahead.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who's telling the truth?

A British Wallstreet Stockbroker maid claims weeks ago about the coming collapse of the Eurozone on the BBC network.  The news team was visibly stunned.  Within days of this airing on live television millions of people tuned in to watch the youtube version of this video and it has been growing ever since.  With recent news of Italy's problems and more and more talk of the Eurozone collapse, it may become an accurate forecast of what's really about to happen. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

25,000$ Gold?

Here Max Keiser predicts that China will come to the Aid of the bankrupt Italy in exchange for their huge gold reserve.   Max Predicts that for the global debt to be cleared that gold will have to be valued at north of 25,000 dollars for that to work out mathematically.   Keep your reserves and buy more gold and silver if you can afford it.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Best Occupy Rant

Best Occupy Wallstreet Rant listen as Chris explains why the protesters are in the streets of New York and elsewhere around the world. 

Hold the Gold

Silver and Gold prices have been through the roof over the past year and It is possible that another drop is soon going to be taking place in the market in a matter of days due to CME lowering their margin calls. The truth is that it is not really a time to gamble and sell your physical now in the hopes that maybe you can buy at a lower price and then maybe double or triple your physical holdings when the price does fall. These prices are manipulated day to day and I do not believe accurately reflect the true value of these metals. I believe that the true value lies some where in the 4000 dollar mark for gold and silver to be easily around 250 or so. In other words I do believe that within the next year or so we will see these prices. Take the advice of Pastor Dowell among countless others from YouTube who have been calling gold and silver for years. A crash in the market is just a great oppurtunity to further invest in what will be the best hedge against the inevitable dollar collapse that awaits us. Maybe you can take a gamble and sale your gold and silver but why do that when the truth is nothing in our policy, political system, or even economical situation has truley improved. Selling your physical assets now may mean that in actuality you do not ever get a chance to get them back at a cheaper prices if it just so happens that the market does not drop out from under these metals at all. In fact they may very well spike instantly upon slowly decending, leaving thousands of people who sold their metals, left out of the Gold and Silver bubble that will eventually expand much faster. The gold and silver community does not recommend taking such a chance. Any gold or silver you have in your pocket is worth far more than anyone is going to be willing to pay for it at this moment. On the flip side you can buy gold and silver at a huge discount no matter what your paying for it at recent prices because truthfully it is way undervalued. Act Wisely.

Monday, November 7, 2011

DEMCAD's Corner: Who is Controlling Occupy Wall Street?

DEMCAD's Corner: Who is Controlling Occupy Wall Street?: By Reginald Kaigler ( DEMCAD ) The Occupy Wall Street movement has been portrayed by the mainstream media as a circus of socialists, comm...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Second Iraq vet Injured, Rush still crazy

The second Iraq war vet has been injured at Occupy Wallstreet. Kayvan Sabeghi, 32 was beaten by police as he made his way home from the occupy crowd. Reports are that he had sustained a lacerated spleen from the incident. No comment has been made yet from police involved. So far reports are that a police barricade stood between him and his home and as he tried to pass police took him down. There truly does seem to be a government vs people attitude growing beneath the surface more each day. In election news Herman Cain launched an ad saying that the attention he is getting over 2 decade sexual harrasement charges are a form of high-tech lynching. Even launching a clever T.V. ad which persuades the case. At one point you can hear a clip of non other than Rush Limbaugh talking about how the"Liberal" media is being blatantly racist against the fine black presidential nominee Herman Cain. Also stating that they are using low ball tactics against him. I can't believe I heard that come from Rush's lips considering the rants I can remember him going on about Barack Obama in an absurdly racist campaign he ran against him on his radio talk show 2 and a half years ago that remains ongoing to this day. I have to admire how Rush doesn't even try to hide his rhetoric, it's as if he just realizes that people so quickly forget in this country.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Occupy ALL the Updates!!: Updates 11/5/2011

Occupy ALL the Updates!!: Updates 11/5/2011: Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot. I know of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forg...

Oakland needs your help

Occupy Oakland effort is in need of donations for supplies to help their cause.  This is a list that has been organized and can be found at OccupyOakland.org.

BRING ALL MATERIAL DONATIONS TO THE SUPPLY TENT, (14th and Broadway). CONTACT occupyoaksupply@gmail with questions or donations of services.
Consider donating used, recycled materials wherever possible and please be thoughtful in purchasing and vendor choices.
Cash donations are accepted or you may also purchase directly from our wishlist here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/registry.html?ie=UTF8&type=wishlist&id=I08NMK31RDMA
URGENT NEEDS for Occupy Oakland! - October 30, 2011
Thanks for providing gently used items wherever possible!
Clean socks !!
Tent stakes !!
Sand bags !!
Duct tape
12 Tables for committees - rectangular (must be for outdoor use)
15 Chairs for committees (must be for outdoor use)
Blankets, sleeping bags
Cabinets/shelf units/milk crates for kitchen, school/library, arts and
crafts, supply, other committee/caucus tents
Rechargeable batteries and chargers
Walkie talkies
Poster making materials - poster board, cardboard, markers, paint, sticks,
Arts and craft supplies - crayons, pens, paint, markers, glue, scissors,
tables, paper, collage, sewing, knitting, crochet materials, string, twine,
Kitchen cooking and serving equipment
Storage bins
Hay bales
Warm clothing
Deep cycle car batteries
Cell phones
Lighting for general assembly
Funds for portapotties, utilities/power for cooking and sound for GA
(donate to the secure donations boxes in camp or on our website)
More speakers for better sound at general assembly
Services: Wellness/balance (acupuncture, bodywork, etc.), mediation and
counseling, hair cuts, bike repair/care
A place to charge batteries, kitchen space
Office space in downtown Oakland
Printing/copying services - bulk
Printing/copying services/access in downtown Oakland
~~~ We are THRILLED to be receiving 100 tents and tarps from Occupy Wall
Street this week!! ~~

Friday, November 4, 2011

Triumph at O.W.S.

Conan O'Brian's special correspondent joined in on the fun at Occupy Wallstreet recently.  On his nightly show, he sent Triumph the Insulting Dog to talk to protesters and basically make fun of the loons that are inevitabley mixed in the large crowd here and there. Typical of Conan the piece was hilarious.  The protest itself is not actually as funny as it dredges on approaching two months now.  There have been reports of sexual abuse by a few women who are a spending their nights in tents in the streets of New York. One man, Jeremy Clinch, a homeless man that has been admist the crowds since the beginnings suddenly went on a rampage recently right in the middle of the ongoing protest.  His reasons were that he had been with the protesters from the beginning and still did not have a tent!  Republicans are also jumping in the theatrics as they are continuing to brush off the protests, labeling the protesters as anarchists.  With the exception of Senator Ron Paul. Republicans are pinning Obama to the Occupy Movement saying that his recent call for tax hikes on the rich directly influenced the movement.  Further adding that as this thing gets uglier it will ultimately take him down in the 2012 elections since he is becoming more and more associated with it.  Time will tell.

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